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PRESS RELEASE: April 6th 2024 Day of #Divestment Action

This press release was sent on April 4th to the following publications:, the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, CBC, Bell Media, and Global TV.


On “Fossil Fools Day,” Durham Activists Take Action to Stop RBC from Financing Climate Crisis, Indigenous Rights Violations

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I Read the IPCC Report So You Don't Have To

By Alyssa Scanga

This article was originally published in Trent University's Arthur Newspaper.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Synthesis Report, released Monday, March 20th, provides an overview of the most recent Sixth Assessment Cycle. It includes three working group rep…

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Doug Ford's Bill 23 Mistakes Protections for Restrictions

By Peter Cohen and Alyssa Scanga

This article was originally published in the National Observer.

Have you ever driven beside a ravine and absently wondered what would happen if you fell off the edge? Most people have, and then learn to be grateful for the guardrail keeping us away from that on…

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Trust and Regional Council

By Peter Cohen

The most important issue this election is not the environment, or housing affordability, or inflation. It's trust, a front on which many councillors have failed to impress.

On May 25th, over objections from regional advisory bodies, agricultural associations, community groups, a…

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Technically Accurate, But Misleading

John Henry’s Quote Regarding Campaign Donations from Developers

By Alyssa Scanga

In an October 6th article on developer campaign donations, Regional Chair incumbent John Henry is quoted saying he “does not accept developer campaign donations.”


This is technically true, as corpor…

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