Climate Justice Durham


A foreword

We have published the following information in an easy-to-read format to accompany an LTE by Alyssa Scanga, regarding the campaign finances of Regional Chair John Henry.

Members of government must be both honest and informed about the donations they receive. It is not acceptable for members of council, especially the Regional Chair, to claim that they have not received donations from developers when that is not the case. 

Our intention is not to suggest that members of municipal government should never work with developers. Developers, like any other residents or businesses in Durham, are important stakeholders, and deserve to have their concerns listened to as much as anyone else.

However, the issue of undue influence - both real and perceived - must not be ignored. Durham must be seen as a level playing field, where being listened to by councillors is not seen as a "pay to play" game. Creating a democratic environment is a vital and continuous process which we must all participate in.

Campaign donations to John Henry

The unsorted information of campaign donations to John Henry and other Regional Chair candidates can be found at: